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Buy GHB Powder Online

Buy GHB Powder Online. GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) it is a metabolite that functions as a depressant to the central nervous system, which means it functions as a relaxant. GHB is synthesized when food is broken down and turned into energy for our cells.

It is a is a natural product of human metabolism. The white powder (GHB Powder), much like table salt, and clear liquid (GHB Liquid) commercially traded are synthesized artificially. Also available is GHB liquid and GHB Pills.

Popularity of GHB Powder

GHB has become popular on the party scene. Recreational users report feeling euphoric and generally exhibit increased sociability. Small amounts of GHB may make the user feel relaxed. A little more can lead to dizziness and general disorientation. More still can result in nausea, vomiting, and muscle spasms. GHB overdose can result in memory loss, a deep sleep, a clinically comatose state, or death.

Overdose Side effects

Undesired effects from overdose include

  • loss of body control – effects similar to alcohol which can last for several hours
  • feeling sick and being sick
  • numb muscle and disorientation
  • seizures and collapsed
  • psycosis and severe agitation
  • tachycardia
  • delerium
  • audio and visual hallucinations
  • paranoia

Is GHB Different from GBL?

  • GHB can be easily manufactured from GBL which is typically sold in plastic bottles, sometimes labelled but often unmarked.
  • GHB and GBL is most commonly taken orally in liquid form; the powder is not commonly snorted, but dissolved in fluid.
  • Swallowed: small capful provides an ‘average’ dose. It can take up to an hour for the effects to be fully felt.
  • GBL is converted to GHB in the body, appears in the same liquid form and produces equivalent effects to GHB.

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